GAINS VILLE Apparel was founded in June of 2017 by Will Smyrk. Will had the idea to create a fitness apparel company that donated profits to help those fighting life challenges. Read about his inspiration and the journey toward getting the idea off the ground below:

“GAINS VILLE Apparel started with a simple T-Shirt idea I had during my first few days on campus back in 2015. Soon that idea transformed into a plan to start a business that donated profits to individuals in need and non-profit organizations with the hope of “Lifting Spirits.” My inspiration for turning these ideas into something real came when a friend became paralyzed in an accident. Using some of my savings from a summer job, I filed a trademark, manufactured inventory, and started a company that would carry out my mission, GAINS VILLE Apparel. I started by selling our original GAINS VILLE shirts in October of 2017 and donated the profits to help my friend. Gradually, that effort grew into a fitness apparel company that donates all profits to various charities to help those overcoming their life challenges."

Those who wear GAINS VILLE Apparel are all on their own personal journeys working towards better versions of themselves. What they may not realize, is that by wearing GAINS VILLE Apparel they are also helping others overcome some of life’s toughest obstacles. With every purchase, profits are donated to support pediatric oncology research via the Smyrk Pratt Pediatric Oncology Foundation at UF Health.